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Modern Reaver

Come with me to the other side,
Make the girl in black your bride. (c) Voltaire - The Night




Christ it’s back.

god damn it


{something tells me i may or may not need to get outside more often.}

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reaver sketches

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Happy New Year!! :D

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you either completely love Reaver with every cell in your body or you entirely despise him and wish him dead there is no inbetween

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I made a thing =3=

I was going to make them blink at different times, but then I didn’t

they turned out sO CUTE OMG

(please view them like here because they look weird zoomed in)

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She made pies because her mother had made them, and had taught her with such loving care — how to make sure the meat was seared before it was folded into the buttery-soft crust, how to spice it just-right, how to know when it was baked through-and-through.
She made pies because she was good at it, and because she liked to see the smiles on people’s faces when they bit into that flaky crust and tasted the succulent, juicy meat within.

Everyone smiled when they tasted one of Benjamina’s pies. It wasn’t the jeering grins of the boys she knew in her youth, or the sneering smiles of noble ladies who wouldn’t let her pass in Millfields without nearly falling into the lake.
No, these were smiles — of appreciation, of delight. Of love.

There was only one man that wouldn’t look at her, or eat her pies, or smile at her.
And it festered like a wound.

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this is exactly how i imagined it starting

eddie you are the best

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*frantically slams button*

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A reckless young villager made a deal with the forces of shadow, who took the lives of every other resident as payment. All of his family, all of his friends, everyone he loved.

And now, the marsh has engulfed the village, and Oakvale is nothing but a bitter memory.

 #can reaver really call himself a hero?

only in bloodline terms

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