I am Reaver

I am the Hero of Skill, an Immortal Pirate!

I run the rules, King Logan is in the palm of my hand!

I am Logan.
I have the power of awesome facial hair.
Pay no attention to Reaver, I make the rules.

I am a player symbol decal.

I let dead people go shopping.

what exactly would Slipknot powers be?

I’m wearing one of my Dark Tower shirts. This one has Oy on it.

I can summon Billy-Bumblers at will?

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    Very light-pink QuickSilver. "It’s not pink, it’s lightish-red!"
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    No shirt. Flab powers, activate
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    shannonfox :)
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    what kind of powers woulf i have if im wearing a minecraft shirt? power of placing blocks? breaking trees with my hands?...
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    I have an anhk, a cresent moon and the eye of Horus along with a few other symbols I’m not sure about. So something...
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    David Tennant standing by the TARDIS…. I am The Doctor
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    Apparently I can turn into any monster as long they’re from the monster mash
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    im a grey soulless being since im wearing a grey tank-top
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    i normally wouldn’t reblog this, but rn i have a really cute ghost on my shirt yay im a ghost :D
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    I have the power of Las Vegas. Everybody, go home.
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    Just came into some money
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    I have my ask-tinycas shirt on Does that mean I get to be a tiny person with wings and a halo and like Really tiny...
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    I have now become the punisher
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    Beatles powers
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    dave strider LOHACSE shirt, i can turn time